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Management Team
Board Of Directors
Mr. Naresh Chand

Mr. Naresh Chand, aged 70 years, is Chairman of Ashiana Ispat Ltd. since January, 1997. Mr. Naresh Chand is a post graduate & possess wealth of knowledge & experience concerning steel Industry.

He looks after the overall management & administration of the Company under the supervision, control & direction of Board. Under his visionary leadership , Company has scaled new heights & helps in building 'Ashiana' a brand in itself. His presence on the Board is a matter of great pride & is a source of motivation for other Board members & also for the staff.

Mr. Puneet Jain
Managing Director

Mr. Puneet Jain, graduate from Delhi University has been involved with Iron & Steel Industry since the beginning of his career. He Has Always been instrumental in the development, sales promotion, improvements in the properties of steel. He has substantial expertise in organizational psychology, management and training & retention of staff.

Under his visionary leadership, Company has achieved various important plans & targets. His immense knowledge & experience has been beneficial in contributing to the overall growth & prosperity of the Company.

Mr. T.C. Kansal
Independent Director

Mr. T. C. Kansal is an Independent Director of the Company pursuant to Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement.

He joined the Board of Directors of your Company in June 2004. Mr. T.C. Kansal, holds a Master's Degree in Commerce. Mr. T.C. Kansal has been proactively involved in Iron & Steel Business in various capacity like Entrepreneur, Consultant and traders. Apart from his experience in the field of Corporate Laws, he has been actively associated with various Company for over Four decades like Barnala Sariya, Jai Bharat Saria, Kamdhenu Sariya etc.

He is Chairman of the Audit Committee and member of the Shareholders Grievances Committee of the Company (now called as Stakeholders Relationship Committee) & Remuneration Committee.

Mrs. Shruti Jain
Independent Director

Mrs. Shruti Jain, appointed on the Board w.e.f 20th March, 2015, is a graduate from Punjab University and has also completed her Master of Business Administration from most reputed The ICFAI University, Dehradun in the year 2010. She has also completed Doctor of Philosophy in Management from Singhania University, Rajasthan. She belongs to the family having very successful business entity manufacturing Jai Bharat Saria. Dr. Shruti Jain is highly qualified and having rich academic experience of Business Management and Administration.

Her presence on the Board has been immensely beneficial to the Company keeping in view of her brilliant academic career and family background.

Mr. R.K. Pal
Independent Director

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Pal began his career as an IT Trainee with a small business concern in 1997. He is a diploma holder in Computer Science. He joined the Board of Directors of your Company in June 2004. His area of specialization includes utilization of IT skills in audit, accountancy and synchronizing the management Information System contemporary to the latest technology.

He is the member of the Audit Committee and a Member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

Mr. Ram Kumar Garg
Independent Director

Mr. Ram Kumar Garg is an Independent Director of the Company pursuant to Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement. He joined the Board of Directors of your Company in March 2007.

Mr. Ram Kumar Garg, holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and served the Government Department in various capacities.

The Company considers his association as beneficial in the long run because of wealth of knowledge possessed by him. He is a source of inspiration & motivation for staff members as well as for other Board members for his extra-ordinary level of enthusiasm, dedication, commitment & willingness to excel in every activity he undertakes.